Nara Shikamaru

Nara Shikamaru

Gah…. So I got a new scanner and….. it still… washes out… my stuff….. -weh heh heh heeaaaa.)

And its so small I totally cropped out my signature so I think I’ll replace it with a photo later.  Much better that way.

Art is mine-

Character belongs to the Naruto guy, Kishimoto Masashi or whatever his name is…  If you are an artsy person, I recommend the Naruto Manga, Masashi’s hands are -amazing- and I am totally in awe and trying to learn.

The actual Anime’s art is fairly unattractive.  Or at least it’s not as good.



Hello.  I did this on Halloween and I was so happy.. not I can see all the mistakes I made- but that’s a good thing, that means I’ve learned and my eye has improved.

But…. weh.

Art and Character are mine….

Little Girl

Watercolor Girl

Now that you’ve overdosed (on my art after having nothing for so long, sorry), enjoy the withdrawal.

To celebrate my (possibly temporary, sorry again) return, here’s an explosion of color for you.

Now I need to stufy wrinkles and more color theory because this… isn’t satisfactory to me.  It’s nice and all, but…  It’s lacking.  waa.

Hopefully I will have a bunch of other things for you (like… three or 4) in my other sketch books that are purely fun art that is whatever.

Art and character copyright me.

Tip for all you artists out there- The background’s ONLY JOB is to make the subject look good.  This goes for all art- pencil (so black and white) and paint and everything.  What you leave out is just as important as what you keep in (you don’t want to be overly detailed and confuse your audience!) and is essential for your full composition.

Until next time….

Thinker (or squat, depending on what you want.)


This one I did have a model for,  but only five minutes to draw, so I didn’t draw what the model was wearing.  Which, is actually ok since I was trying to figure out some position deals, center of balance and all that, so then I have this unadulterated blank figure to look to for reference.  yay.

I am in love with that foot……. (those of you who know me will understand that.  the rest of you- God made the human body so beautiful……  and I just can’t ever capture that grace He put in there….)

Art is mine.