The REAL Von Ness(e).

The REAL Von Ness(e).

Okay, I’ve put this off long enough. My Real Von Nesse rant.
so lets do this—
We all know the story of Von Ness, right? Preston Stormer’s ol’ war pal, turned evil, Von Nebula, all that.
When I first heard this, I thought Von Ness (Spelled Nesse in my head) was a GIRL, and was Stormer’s girlfriend.
That one flashback clip, the one where the green Hero (now known to me as ‘Thresher’) gets blasted around by some explosive shot thingies? I thought THAT was Von Nesse, and that Stormer’s fear of losing people was because she got captured, and Stormer blamed himself for that. He didn’t get a chance to rescue her for forever because he got stuck in the hospital ward of the HF. (HFICU)
He searched and searched for years for her. On her end however I suppose she was in some sort of prisoner of war camp thing– constantly tortured, constantly told no one cared and she would never be rescued.
Stormer finally found her just after she had finally been broken. They escaped, but Adele (the only first name I thought went nicely with Von Nesse) turned on him, blaming him for everything she had suffered. She stopped just short of killing him, because somewhere deep inside of her she still at least respected that they had been lovers.
She marooned him on the nearest planet, and flew off with his ship to Makuro knows where.
Stormer fears she is dead, and continues to have a pathological fear of those under his command, his friends and followers, going through that ordeal.
That of course leaves room for Adele to become Von Nebula, and a mad Queen running loose in the galaxy who’s sole hate is Hero Factory and all those in it who refused to aid her in her time of need.
MUCH cooler that some dinky coward who runs around with a staff creating vortexes.

Anyway, HF copyright LEGO,
Story and Art copyright me.
I hope you enjoyed my rant– maybe in an alternate universe I can get some satisfaction.