Taylor Andromeda August

Taylor Andromeda August

Tay checked her watch again. 21:04.

She rolled her eyes and tapped the watch face back to darkness, then crouched back into the shadows behind the palm tree. The palm was real, an organic brought from earth, not a clone synthesized in a lab. She tapped the watch again, pushed it to the lowest light setting. She strained to see the time.


Blast! She was late. Tay leapt over the balcony, rappelling quickly, secured by the palm. A Patrol man’s shadow stood out against the ceiling behind the balcony. Had he seen the palm moving? Tay held her breath. The Patrol man moved on. She breathed a sigh. Until the Patrol officer came back, with another man, presumably another member of the elite guarding the house. Panicked, Tay sliced through the thin steel cord that held her up. She plummeted, down, down… Up, painfully, abruptly, as she pulled the cord that released the parachute. Even in the ship Mayflower II, the gravity from the rotating hull was strong enough to pull her ‘down’. Tay looked ‘up’ and saw the opposite side of the cylindrical hull where, in accordance with the 12-hour rotation cycle, the nighttime sky that was the opposite side of the hull sparkled with a thousand pinpoints of light. It looked almost like the real sky from here.

Here was rapidly approaching. Tay tensed her muscles and braced for impact. At least I’m not late anymore, she thought dourly, as the plexisteel cables attached to the parachute hissed to the ground. She pulled the ‘repac’ tab, and the parachute was sucked back into the pack between her shoulders. Tay brushed a strand of her short, spiky blonde hair behind her right ear, feeling, as she did, the row of small implants that marked her as, well, a force to be reckoned with.

She checked her watch again. 21:09. The boots she wore made no sound as she ran across the plasticreet platform- a court of some sort.

21:12. The maintenance panel proved easy to hack, even though Tay couldn’t use her personal override sequence. She’d had to turn off the implants, she was too easily tracked with them on.

HACKER2314 >COMMAND_SEQUENCESET_TIMEUNDOSET_TIME< 14:58 The crunch of a boot on gravel startled Tay. She hit ‘enter’, slammed the panel shut and sprinted around a corner- right into the waiting arms of a Patrol man.

Two men grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back, and she saw the rest of her ‘crew’ sitting, sullen, with ener-G cuffs twisted around their wrists.

The leader of the Patrol squad came up and put a black gloved hand underneath her chin. Tay’s eyes, defiant and ice blue, met stunned, soft brown ones as the Patrol man asked, “What is the President’s daughter doing with this group of hooligans?”

ART CHARACTER AND STORY COPYRIGHT ME (part 1, the next to come as soon as I get it edited)