Bard lineart—

Bard lineart---

I guess.
(you guys can’t tell im desperate, can you? good.)
Art c Me.
Ive been WAY busy recently….


Just because

Just because

you guys keep looking here and there hasn’t been anything new for a little… i’ll just post some random stuff.
the original Alluka art—

Alluka c Yoshihiro Togashi
Art c me

Sokka’s Skills.

Sokka's Skills.

Man with a plan, baby.
Speed sketch commission idea thingy, feel free to bust your gut laughing or stare with your eye twitching.

Art copyright me,
Cap America is Marvel’s, Sokka/atla is Nickelodion.

“My world is…

“My world is small and its gardens unkempt

but all the birds sing though its paths are unswept

the leaves rustle faintly and fall as they please

laugh with the butterflies and dance with the breeze.

the grass is inviting and sunshine all smiles

the views extend off for miles and miles

the flowers weep color and the sky is soft blue

the cataracts chuckle but visitors are few

to open the door is to enter a place

so secret and pure your tears will erase

be sure to tread softly and inhale the scents

enjoy the respite of a day well spent”



And I suppose you could add Shego from Kim Possible to that list, as well as a Marlfox or two.
Man Roodaka is a nasty piece of work….
Roodaka c BIONICLE
Lust c Arakawa Hiromu
Vilaya and the Marlfox vixens c Brian Jacques,
Shego c Disney
and fine, art c me.