'Kuma no stingu 002


Tried being a little more detailed and delicate with this one… It feels like it’s been a while since I did something that wasn’t a quick sketch, something sloppy or abstract….



Art copyright me.



Chrollo cry 001

Dang it, Chrollo… sometimes I really hate you.

Chrollo copyright HxH

Art is mine…

Beaded Cross

Cross 001

Painting with things a little more wet and abstract… this is one of a set of pictures I am doing for a business- I sort of got commissioned to do these to help out around the store.


Art copyright meh…


Chimera'd 001


Long story short, this is what female werewolves could look like if you are the type of person to make them hairier after being bitten or whatever.

I am not that type of person, but I thought it’d be cool to do something like this (plus I was bored and had a lot of time on my hands.)

Thanks everyone for bearing with me, and enjoy.


Art copyright Me

I saw this, and it seemed really profound…

This… This kind of blew my mind. It was just… pure, passionate, true!
And I agree whole-heartedly. So…
This was in the description of a lightcored song, so I’ll link the song, but what I really want you to read is this:

We’re Human. Which means we have a mind, will, and emotions. We break, and heal. But the choice is yours is how fast you heal. We know hurts are like cleaning up broken glass that can either leave a visible or invisible wound. The one that’s visible aka you make it known to people you trust it can be cleaned, and healed. But the one that’s invisible aka you feel ashamed to tell others or you feel like you don’t have anyone to tell the wound will become infected and slowly eat away at you till death creeps in and takes you away. And you, don’t even realize there is someone waiting for you, your destined one.
God made us have two pairs of hands to hold each others hand in times of need assassinating the negative thoughts that loom through your mind. He made us two pairs of arms to wrap around each others body to form a hug that comforts each other or to say I missed you dang it. He made us two pairs of eyes to focus on that one person that captures your eye. He made two pairs of lips to engage in a kiss that cures the hardest of days, and shines a radiant hope of love itself. He gave us two pairs of legs and feet to walk on to the new adventure waiting to be discovered from the unique talent that you possess. Hopefully you’re willing to show this dying world the torch inside you waiting to be awakened. But yet, there’s one thing God did that’s really cool. He made us have one heart. Why? Because there is going to be that one, that He took his time to make for and their going to capture your heart. So live on for love. Live on knowing, their waiting for you.
There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, and doubting. But guess what, the longer you wait the stronger the hunger is for them. But first concentrate on being that right person for them so there’s no selfishness.
Love is about giving(Not your body)not receiving. So remember that when you think your nothing. Just remember, you’re something to someone who’s crying out for you to be in their life already.
– Michy Chan

So ta da. Here is the link to the vid, I think I hit the dislike button accidentally, trying to copy/paste this.
But anyway.
‘Human’ by Manafest, lightcored by Michy Chan.

Also I am without a scanner for the week so all the next few posts will be text-olny, and I’ll upload what stuff I did as soon as my scanner becomes available- you guys are the best, hanging in there.


Illumi you scumbag. HOW COULD YOU, YOUR OWN BROTHER!


“Did you hear that, Kil?” Illumi turned and looked at me with his fathomless dark eyes. “You have to beat me if you want to save Gon. Will you fight me for your friend’s sake?” Ilumi began to step nearer. Every one of his soft footfalls rang in my ears. My heart pounded. I wanted to run- or to fight him- but I was frozen stiff with fear. Aniki- “You can’t do it,” he told me. Closer- closer- I was beginning to choke inwardly- air- I have to save Gon- I can’t win this- I- I can’t fight him-

That’s right, said the voice in my head. You can’t do it.

Because you’re more worried about whether or not you can defeat me.” You can’t, you can’t, you can’t-

Illumi stopped in front of me. I gasped like someone had dumped ice water on me and jerked up to face him.

“And you already have your answer.” You can’t defeat me- the voice crooned. “I’m not strong enough to defeat my brother.” Illumi said with the voice in my head. ”Never fight an enemy you can’t defeat” The voices twined into a sickening melody. My gut clenched and I wanted to hurl. “I drilled that into you-” Illumi reached up toward my face. I stumbled back a half step. “Don’t move!” Illumi’s soft voice hardened. I choked and froze, the spell of fear unbroken and all-consuming.

“If you move an inch, I’ll assume that the fight has begun.” And you don’t want to fight me, little brother…. “And if out bodies make contact, that will also mean the fight has begun.” And you really don’t want to fight me… The voice murmured gleefully. “There’s only one way to stop me-” My vision was filled by his hand now. If I didn’t move soon- but I couldn’t move- I- Gon- someonehelp– “-You know what that is.”

I did. But if I conceded, he’d kill Gon- He’d kill everyone-

Your dear Gon will die, will die, will die, will die……

“TAKE HIM OUT KILLUA!” Was someone speaking? I couldn’t tell what they were saying- Will die, die, die….

“We won’t let him kill you or Gon!” Kill…. Kill Gon… Killua- Kil- KILL- “We’ll stop him, whatever it takes!” So, so cold- Illumi, reaching for me, must move- can’t move- can’t breathe- Come on, Kil, make your choice!

“Let him have it!”

Illumi’s bottomless cold eyes were drawing me in. I felt dizzy. The problem with something bottomless, fathomless, is that it keeps going and going and going- Illumi’s hand was so close I could feel the heat radiating off his skin. I sucked in enough air to mutter, “I surrender.”

“I lose.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Illumi clapped his hands. “Then the battle’s over.” Well done, brother, the voice snickered. Now your friend will die. “Ah ha ha, I lied, Kil.” Illumi patted me on the shoulder. “I was lying about killing Gon.” No I wasn’t…. “That was just a little test. But now I have my answer!” He knelt and placed his hand on my head, pulling me close.

“You don’t have the right to make friends.” he whispered in my ear, “Nor do you need friends.” His breath was soft and smelled like blood; sweet, metallic. “You should just listen to Dad and me, and do your job as you always have. When the time comes, I’ll tell you to take the Hunter Exam. You don’t need a license yet.” You don’t need anything. You are a passionless puppet of darkness, Killu-chan. What are light, laughter and love to you? They are the weaknesses of your prey. That is the kind of hunter you are. Numbness percolated through my body. Passionless, Kil. Passionless kill… Passionless killer, Kil, Kil kill Kil…..KILL.

I withdrew my bloody hand from the chest of some fellow applicant- Bodoro, was it? Not that it mattered. I never bothered with the names of those I had to kill. Kill. Kil…

I’m coming home.



Wow.  that was intense.  and somewhat cathartic.  My interpretation of the scene in HunterXHunter.  so rights where due, HxH c togashi yoshihiro, interp. is mine, I guess…  And that’s a screenshot, not actual art of mine.  I may replace it with something original later.

For those of you who think im crazy now, Kil (spoilers) was brainwashed and manipulated into being an assassin.  He hates it and leaves so that he can ‘be a normal person’ ‘with friends’, the first and best of which is Gon.  And this all works out in the end, Gon rescues him and they both go on various adventures with each other and watch each others backs and bro around with each other.  It’s a really heartfelt relationship.


Those of you who get it, great.  Those of you who don’t- oh well theres plenty of other junk on this blog to amuse you.