Portrait-sortof 001

My shading looked a lot better in real life- here its like.. nonexistent.  Gar.

Art and character me- there’s something really aesthetically appealing about all that white space, so I left it in.  Plus I drew the hair all way down there so I felt wrong cutting it out.

Eventually I suppose I will upload my more.. realistic/professional stuff… maybe I can convince my friend to let me upload the manga we’ve been doing, or like… maybe Ill start a webcomic.  those are cool.

anyway, this is all highly off-topic.

Although my ‘professional stuff’ will likely end up on my other blog, the one designated for no fun boring bla.

Whatever the case…. Ill let you know if I ever upload something possibly worth your time.



Cyber 001

Random character I thought up, based on an outfit I was wearing the day I did it.  I love cargo pants.

The story, if you want it, is that I have those long arm-glove things that you can put your thumbs through, and I needed to read my watch, so I stuck it on the outside of the … arm.. things.

And I thought it looked kind of punky and cool and like the watch was super cool and techy (I have a really bulky watch that I like.)

Art and character copyright me…. well, art me, character God, lets say.

And this is why-

Strut 001

-One does not listen to KJ-52 while drawing.

Sheesh.. Fivetweezy…. now instead of something intimidating, its a strut.  sheesh.


art and character copyright me-

don’t even ask me anything cuz my brain died.  Doesn’t help that my mouse is going all wacky…..

You know what- for kicks, I’m going to link the song.  There are lyrics in the description.

It is a rather annoying song, but it’s the funniest thing if you get it, and if you are bored and the only way to entertain yourself is listening to KJ52’s funny songs.

If you want a sad/serious one, check “#1 Fan”.  if your heart doesn’t break… you’re not human.

Random Dress

Kurta Dress 001

I know there’s text on the side, you can ignore that, that was notes I took for a friend on this, the nearest available piece of paper- I didn’t think I would upload it, but then I did, so there.

Art mine.

Inspiration HxH’s Kurta.

Jay Is Awesome

JayIsAwesome 001

Those who wish to dispute that can step outside with me for a moment-


Playing with the application of water on watercolor pencils, and on watercolor pencils on water.  Kind of messy, bit I ended up REALLY liking it- (any one who doesn’t can come outside with me for a second round.)

JK again….

Ninjago copright LEGO

Art copyright me-


Twin Angels

Teresa-Clare take 001

La.  I got bored.  But it was fun to do.

The idea was inspired by something called ‘Claymore’ (DO NOT READ- EVER.) which I have no copyright claims to, so yea.  This is a double-edged disclaimer, slicing through like a.. claymore… nvm.

Art copyright me.