Little Girl

Watercolor Girl

Now that you’ve overdosed (on my art after having nothing for so long, sorry), enjoy the withdrawal.

To celebrate my (possibly temporary, sorry again) return, here’s an explosion of color for you.

Now I need to stufy wrinkles and more color theory because this… isn’t satisfactory to me.  It’s nice and all, but…  It’s lacking.  waa.

Hopefully I will have a bunch of other things for you (like… three or 4) in my other sketch books that are purely fun art that is whatever.

Art and character copyright me.

Tip for all you artists out there- The background’s ONLY JOB is to make the subject look good.  This goes for all art- pencil (so black and white) and paint and everything.  What you leave out is just as important as what you keep in (you don’t want to be overly detailed and confuse your audience!) and is essential for your full composition.

Until next time….


Thinker (or squat, depending on what you want.)


This one I did have a model for,  but only five minutes to draw, so I didn’t draw what the model was wearing.  Which is actually ok since I was trying to figure out some position deals, center of balance and all that, so now I have this unadulterated blank figure to look to for reference.  yay.

I am in love with that foot……. (those of you who know me will understand that.  the rest of you- God made the human body so beautiful……  and I just can’t ever capture that grace He put in there….)

Art is mine.



Random Pitou

Now that that’s all out of the way.

ANIME yay.

I don’t have enough time to goof off anymore, it’s sad.  That misshapen tail deal was *supposed* to be perspective, but I did a bad job on it, so.. accept it.

Neferpitou copyright  HxH

Art is mine

Peach ‘n’ Potato

Peach 'n' Potato

ok, actually it was a nectarine.

I ate the nectarine too, as revenge.

Couldn’t eat the bowl (which was the thing that gave me the most trouble) or the potato, which was raw.  I didn’t do it knobbly justice, but it was an annoyingly smooth potato, and I war running out of the time I could steal to do random stuff.)

I’d forgotten how much fun ‘studio’ art was, I just need to remember to block out 3 hours of my time to do stuff like this more often.

I did a couple nice self-portraits (if I may say so myself,) but YOU CANT SEE THEM so hah.

Art copyright me.

Actually, as I recall, the nectarine was fairly bland.  Go organic, it tastes much better.

Color! Fun! Ninjago…?!?

Ninjaggo Doodle

Yea, I have no life.  But I like it that way.

I am no M. C. Escher, this wasn’t actually meant to be a puzzle, just.. I drew Kai, then I drew Jay then they all tumbled out and it was fun.

Don’t get me bored, or you get doodles.

And I was supposed to be taking notes on a presentation when I was doing this. hehehehehehehehehehe

I’m old and to totally immature.

In my defense the presentation was not only lame, boring, and… bhEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhhhhhhhhh

but it was a total waste of my time.


Ninjago copyright LEGO

art copyright me.

And that random face in the upper left corner is my friends character and copyright her.



I always liked how light shone through things… like clear glass marbles..

So I studied them, and this happened.

I didn’t actually draw it from something, it was completely out of ,y head, but it was really pretty, and I was bored, and I figured I might as well upload it.

Art copyright me.

Anyone else looking forward to Halloween?  I’m trying to think up ways to prank the kids who come up to my door….

Here we go ‘Round-

Here we go round-

The mulberry bush….

I don’t actually know what a mulberry bush looks like.


there was this one bush by the side of the road, and the roots were all twisted and cool, so I drew it.

I am hoping to make like… a watercolor painting with this.


Art copyright me