The Summit (pikes peak copyright me jk)


Either you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, or you really don’t care  or you’ve assumed I died (If so why are you reading this?).

Well….. First I was abducted by aliens and then I got recruited to an arena where I had to fight to the death like an intergalactic gladiator and then I went to Manitou Colorado to Summit and then when I got back I was too pooped to upload anything more, but I have filled out at least three notebooks since I last posted so I have probably 20 or so decent drawings to scan in IF I can get off my kiester.

So hi, I’m back.  Sort of.


OTHERWISE I wanted to tell you guys about Summit because I really enjoyed it, enough so that I want to go back in a year or two.  And yes, to all those of you who have already heard me nerd (hi Aiko, Xon.) you can ignore this XD

Image result for summit ministries colorado

Summit is basically a worldview/philosophy/theology camp, and I love all sorts of things related to psychology and philosophy and theology, so I had a blast.  I got to spend two weeks in this beautiful old hotel in the beautiful state of Colorado, surrounded by a lot of cool people.  Which is saying a lot coming from an introvert.  I used a deal of my free time to hide away and nap, that’s for sure.


But I learned a lot and gained a ton of confidence.  I like learning (though not school) and I like getting the chance to listen to great teachers who love what they teach and are good at  teaching it.  A lot of my peers were total nerds like me so it was cool to be able to connect on that kind of level too.

Of course my repping Summit doesn’t necessarily mean much to those who don’t know me, why take a recommendation from a stranger?  But It was a very very cool experience that I want to have again, and hopefully I can drag some of my friends (Aiko, Xon,) along with me next time.  The funniest thought is that now, I’m a Summit Alumni, so I’m like elite now.  Haha!  Seriously though.  I feel better equipped to deal with life, even though I couldn’t teach a class on it.  Still waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to introverted for that.

I’ll upload my own version of the logo (slightly revamped by me) sometime.  Its already drawn I just need to scan it in or like take a pic and upload it and all that jazz.

Until then though, I have to use a hashtag because if I don’t terrible things will happen.  (Really forcing my hand, aren’t you guys!??!??!?) so now I’m a #SummitAlumni and that is super awesome.