So to anyone who may read this, here is a link to a research project I have been busy with.

I already got an award from the American Psychological Association (woop woop) but the more I can do, the cooler this wild be.  There isn’t exactly a deadline, but the deadline for my next presentation is three weeks from today, and if I can get more data in the next two weeks that would be brilliant.  Hopefully I can continue this throughout a huge time stretch, so any input any time is good.

Its a short IQ test and then I need your GPA, weighted or unweighted doesn’t matter at this point.  If you’re too old for that then oh well.  See if you can get your siblings or cousins or buddies or children to do it.


I will have art going p eventually, now that I haven’t updated art for a year.  I have a lot of art to post, and the more I make the greater the pile opt uploads I need to do increases and I’m one lazy bum.  But that’ll be the bribe.  Responses for art.


I may even have prints for sale next time, for some of my newer, better stuff.  Anyway, busy year.


Have a good one, guys.