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Commander Kura.jpg

just some story I’m writing.

lol– you know, if someone else were blogging and gave me a cliffhanger like that, I would be so mad.  I’d want to know the story.  I’m being so public and so private at the same time!!!  Please forgive me.  Perhaps you’ll read it as a book some day.  I wish I could share now.


Art and character are mine



Mugen Spiral by Kusanghi Mizuho is really good too— that was a shameless pitch, this drawing has nothing to do with it, except reminding me of it.


art is mine



still, I’m not sure how badly I want everyone to get together again.


Akatsuki No Yona by Kusanghi Mizuho.  Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, true love, miracles, dragons, SO MUCH ADVENTURE, so much selfless sacrifice… and perhaps some selfish sacrifice.  Interested yet?