Well hello there.

I am like….. not uploading with any semblance of regularity.  -your minds are all blown because that totally wasn’t obvious-


Well, to update and give you more fun stuff–


I have a bunch of art that I need to upload, and I’ve been doing this comic that I will hopefully get to upload here– Trying to figure out how to do that, since this blog generally puts most recent on top.  I could always flip that around, but I wish I could find some way to set it up like some other webcomics Ive been reading recently (which I will link my favorites down here)

I may start another blog for that as one project.  However advice I have heard includes “make sure you have buffer comics so that if you have a lag in production you can still post” and “Know how your story is going to end”

Yes I have buffer but not the self control to update you a page at a time once or twice a week and I DONT KNOW HOW IT ENDSSSSSS or I kind of do but I’m missing something crucial.

Like names for my protagonists.  How I can have around 60 pages of comics and NOT KNOW their NAMES is WAY beyond me.

It would also be nice if I could INK the lines and clean it up and maybe even color it.

Lol pretend I said anything about a comic, because that will get your hopes up.  ANyway, its a long-term hopeful project.  I just need to finish writing it and then go through art and panels and make sure its all correct and then ink and then scan and then paint….urbfhisd’lck ncxksjmzxh,hgb,vhjkbn or maybe who knows.  You can all look for it 50 years from now.


So here are some of my reccomendations…


Chirault (my current favorite– the art has taught me a lot and its so beautiful!!!)  So if you like fantasy with adventures and magic–



Supervillainous (its a family affair)  This one is very funny and so if you like general comedy that is clever and you like superheroes…



Ava’s Demon (oh.my.gosh.the.art.) This one… I have historically enjoyed it and the art is lush and dazzling, I do not agree with everything in it.   But I might as well share it since it is among my favorites.  I should warn anyone who is squeamish about invasive procedures (like me…) that this is a science fiction comic and some people have their bodies forcibly modified by the government.  That doesn’t happen until people go and meet Strategos Six though (for those who want to read but may want to skip the graphic parts)



Rice Boy. (this is actually a website.  I enjoy everything he has written.)  These stories generally fall under the category of fantasy but there are sci-fi notes in most of them.  The art is very unique.)



So yea, those are some good stories.