And! Right off the bat…

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…I’m lying to you.  Because I did this in… wait never mind I did do this in 20016.  I think.  Really, time gets away from you.  And while I’m too young to be losing my mind, I’m pretty sure there’s some studies about how living in a world of technology (as well as not getting sleep) wreaks serious damage on ones ability to pay attention/track time.  So, I’m delusional.  But the people who read this already know I’m crazy, either because only my friends read this, or you’ve stuck around long enough to know I write these posts to myself and an invisible audience that may or may not agree with me and may or may not even exist, so… I mean, how narcissistic can I get?  I’m sure someone somewhere will find out sometime.



these are some doodles from my escapades into the world of markers.  Its been fun stuff.  Monochrome/grayscale I think I understand decently well, so I started playing with grayscale markers and here is the beautiful result.  (Hey I said I was narcissistic.  I can take pride in my own work.)  AND THEN I LOST ONE OF THEM but that is its own tragic story that basically goes as follows:  I was drawing and then I wasn’t and when I went to draw again, I was missing my mid-tone warm gray!!!!! (wipes away tear)

And I forgot to scan in one of my marker drawings.  Getting to that–

And here we go.

Scan_20170318 (49)

so this has been me.


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