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So this is obviously attached to a particular fandom BUT I wanted to do “grown up” outfits for the characters (though the Chat suit is pretty cool as it) c Miraculous Ladybug.

I suppose, technically, if I didnt make it ladybug patterned I could claim it as my own, and the actual design is original, I just had the idea because of a certain fandom.  Maybe I’ll revamp the outfit concept for the Quadmaster…

Scan_20170318 (29)

This one WAS original!  And I know because I made it up in a dream!… that said, now that I look at it, I can see elements of outfits in other fandoms so I wonder if my brain just kind of mixed and matched… then again there is nothing new under the sun and something is only original if no one knows who you ripped it off from so HAH.