So to those of you who read this coolio– I was just thinking how representative the posts I make here–what words I use, the language I include (like slang or things misspelled to make a point)–are really indicative of how I see myself?  Reading them I know they sound pretty ridiculous, and I’m probably just a bit narcissistic, since I seem to portray myself as some kind of rockstar artist with a massive following.  I don’t actually know how many people read this.  And that’s cool.  Number of people hasn’t really mattered to me that I can recall, but it is my hope that my being ridiculous is amusing rather than off-putting.  We’re all here (laughing…hopefully… and hopefully with me and not at me but hey.)


So just.. thank you for hanging out, and watching, and reading, and liking art.  Art is cool stuff.  Even if I fancy myself more of a classicist drawn to realistic interpretation or at least a romantic, concerned with the emotive nature of my drawings, or at the very least, an aestheticist trying to make pretty pleasing things.


So cool that you’re here 🙂


Also I get to go to Summit again this summer SO PSYCHED