Whew!  I totally forgot to post about it.

So I’ve been back since…. its Thursday now and I’ve been back since Saturday so… five days?  Only five days?  Wow.  I miss my people.


Got some great down-ish time there, and by that I mean I had time to do some beautiful drawings during lectures.  I’ll try and post them soon but I have been running on around six hours of sleep (not including the occasional but far too rare nap) every night for the past three weeks and I have the stuffed nose and sore throat to prove it.  Sleep.  Your immune system needs it.


Otherwise, I had a wonderful few weeks, had people feed me wonderful food and I didn’t need to wash any dishes, got to meed some lovely new ladies as well as re-acquaint myself with a friend who was with me the first time I went!  Amazing!  (Hi Grace)


Made some new friends, really really hoping to go back again, as a staff member.  I will miss out on some of the talks that way (much much sadness) but I will be able to stay there for like… six weeks.  Half a wonderful wonderful summer.


Love Summit.