I would like to make comics.

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In discussing some anatomical errors with one of my friends, we decided on this name and description for my superhero.  He is the Thighmaster, King of the Quads.  With his mighty Hamstring, he slays his feeble foes.  When faced with entire arm…ies, he always has a… leg up on the situation.  You’ve gotta hand it to him, he’s never been de-feet-ed.  (All applaud the wit*)

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you can ignore the text in there.


art c me

*humor c MVE



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Don’t compare artists

because there will always be someone better and worse than you.  Insted, learn from the stylistic elements you like from those both better and worse than you, and know that art is, in general (cough i dislike you picasso cough koons cough pollock cough warhol cough) an uphill climb, onto greatness.

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So here is my contribution to the art world, and then I will drop more CDC on yallz

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This was an old (i mean it was still 2016) sketch in my notebook that I rediscovered, sort of, flipping through my notebook to find bits of art to play with my new marker pens on.  So I inked it and then painted it and it is pretty stiff but I drew it originally in the wee hours of the morning if I recall correctly so I don;t have a problem with that.

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I like this drawing but there is one glaring flaw that I see that is absolutely killing me and I cant stand it and auhfnkhvkbsyfg akzmfnxwbuiyagr fkj kusn